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It is with a heavy heart to inform you that Mia Fey has tragically passed away. She was brutally murdered by a fella named Redd White that worked at a company named Bluecorp. Thing is that Mr.White along with his Bluecorp company had a track record of blackmailing lots of individuals and or companies. Ms. Fey was planning to bring this information to the public and bring it to justice. Sadly Mr.White had an accomplice wire tap her phone. And to protect his hide he silenced Ms.Fey permanently. He hit her in the head with a heavy blunt object. A clock/statue hybrid of sorts. Luckily her protegee Phoenix Wright managed to finish the job she started thus bringing the corrupt Mr.White to justice.
Sadly not everyone has a happy ending. Ms.Fey had a sister. Maya Fey a spirit medium. And she didn't take the news well. Not only she lost her only sister she now not only has no one to eat hamburgers with but also has no one to share her deep analysis between ladders and step ladders.
:iconobjectionplz: Objection!!!
:iconjudgeplz: Overruled! I've told you you can't bring chicken to the courtroom. Dead or alive.
  • Listening to: Gyakuten Orchestra
  • Reading: Court Records
  • Watching: Turnabout Storm
  • Eating: Hambergers
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September 5, 2016


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